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Paint & Glass Work

Experienced staff with decades of experience and well over 1000 boats finished with Awlgrip Linear Polyurethane topcoats, including metallics and clearcoats.

  • Topside, bottom and deck repair including re-coring and re-glassing
  • Topside, deck and cabin house refinishing
  • Application of varnish and other Interior and exterior wood finishes
  • Cosmetic repair to gelcoat and urethane topcoats
  • Nonskid applications
  • Structural fiberglass repair
  • Replacement of wet or rotted core in the hull
  • Fairing and finishing of foils, and underwater surfaces
  • Buffing, polishing and restoration of old finishes
  • Media blasting
  • Bottom stripping
  • Barrier coat and anti-fouling applications
  • Prop speed prep and application
  • Trim tab repair and replacement

Boat with glossy red paint job