Web – Store Update

WLS2Waterline Systems has recognized a few web-store inefficiencies, so we are thrilled to announce that we have updated our website and webstore to improve our customers’ online experience.

Added Features: The site and store will be 100% responsive so you will be able to view it on any type of device, and it will look great on a tablet. Users will also have the ability to have there own account if they come back to the store they would not need to re-enter information as it will be saved for ease of use. The store will also show related product sections on each product and as the user is browsing the store. The new store will have a integrate lightbox for the user to open the images larger as well and view in detail.

Starting March 1st, our online store will be more user-friendly, easier to search, and better populated.  Ted, our new parts sales expert, will soon be adding an Alerion and a True North section, so all of our customers, no matter which boat they own, will benefit from our web store front.  If you have any immediate parts questions, you can email Ted and the Sales Team directly at tslee@uswatercraft.com.

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