Standard Services

Bottom Fairing

We offer three levels of bottom preparation for racing sailors. If you’ve already had the Club Racer or Grand Prix work, you may only need a “scruff and shoot.” Call us if you have any questions.

    Club Racer: Sand the bottom, keel, and rudder. Apply barrier coat. Block sand, prep, and spray with 6-7 applications of VC Offshore or Baltoplate antifouling paint or with VC Performance Epoxy if the boat is dry sailed. Wet sand the finish coat to 400 grit.

    Grand Prix: Same as for the Club Racer PLUS: Fill and fair the bottom and foils using epoxy fillers. Do additional block sanding before painting. Wet sand the finish coat to 600 grit instead of 400.>

    Maintenance / “Scruff and Shoot”: Block sand existing finish on bottom, keel, and rudder. Prep and spray 6-7 applications of the current finish coat. Wet sand to 400 grit.

Keel and Rudder Fairing (also canard):  Fair the keel and rudder to templates. Apply barrier coat. Sand, prep, and spray on finish coats. Wet sand to 400 grit.

Cruiser / Daysailer Bottom:  Sand the bottom, keel, and rudder. Prep and apply 5-6 coats of barrier coat. Sand, prep, and spray antifouling paint of client’s choice. No wet sanding.

Awlgrip Topsides:  Sand, prep, and prime topsides with Awlgrip 545 primer. Sand, prep, and apply single color Awlgrip topcoat.

Off-Season Storage and Maintenance

Store with us at our Rhode Island facility, either indoors or out. While you’re here, we can also perform any needed service work, painting, or parts replacement.

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