Our standard prices assume there isn’t any paint on the bottom of your boat. If you have bottom paint, stripping the bottom will add time and materials.  Aside from stripping, the prices we list are what you’ll pay.* Click on the boat type to see the price sheet.

LOA Keel
J/22 22 Fin
J/24 24 Fin
J/70 22.75 Bulb/ L
J/80 26 Bulb/ L
J/88 29.19 Bulb/ L
J/105 35 Bulb/ L
J/109 36 Bulb/ L
J/111 37 Bulb/ L

A Further Note on Pricing

If your boat is not listed, you can get a ballpark price by choosing a boat that is roughly the same size as yours. Remember that bulb keels take longer. Our pricing formula is simple:

Shop Rate ($85.00/hr.) x Time + Materials = Price.

If someone is quoting less than us, then their shop rate is either lower than ours or they aren’t putting in the time needed to complete the job properly. Waterline Systems does this work every day, so we are very efficient at what we do. The time charged is the time it takes for great, productive, and skilled workmen to do the job right – the first time!

* Prices are subject to change. RI State sales tax onmaterials not included in pricing.

If you have questions, or to get a quote or make an appointment, email