Waterline Systems is a speed-shop, a repair/refit facility, and a licensed J/Boat builder. We spent more than a decade building a worldwide reputation and client list as the go-to shop for race prep before we rolled our first mold in the door.

Waterline Systems provides, but is not limited to,  the services listed below. Click on each item to learn more.


Bottoms and Foils

When Randy Borges started Waterline Systems, most sailors had not considered how much the overall fairness of the hull, keel, and rudder affects a boat’s performance. We seem to have changed that!

Over the years we’ve sailed a lot of boats before and after fairing, and we’ve also had many customers who are sailmakers. Based on all of our years of experience, we estimate that a good fairing job gives about the same performance gain as a new suit of sails. Look at it this way: if you have an unfair boat and buy all new sails your potential speed is about equivalent to a faired boat using old sails.

Sailmakers understand this; all the tuning guides start off with some variation of “get your bottom and foils faired.” Sailmakers know that their customers will not get the most out of their new sails if they put them on an unfaired boat.

The links in the left-hand menu explain our fairing services in detail. If you want to cut to the chase, check out our FAQ page.



Awlgrip Topside Finishes

Awlgrip is notorious for being difficult to work with. It’s tricky enough that a lot of yards don’t even use it. So if you get a quote using a different paint and the yard foreman says, “It’s pretty much the same as Awlgrip….”, what he’s really telling you is that they don’t have the experience and skill that Awlgrip demands.

When it comes to topside painting, here’s what you need to know:  Awlgrip is head and shoulders above the other paints, both in its finish and its durability.

awlgrip-150x150Our experience spraying Awlgrip pre-dates the company. In fact, we’ve been using Awlgrip products pretty much since they were introduced to the industry.

So if you’re going to make the investment in painting your topsides, get the work done with Awlgrip at Waterline Systems. Our topside finish will outshine and outlast the rest!



Winter Service Work & Storage

Waterline Systems offers both indoor and outdoor storage. While you’re here, we can perform any needed maintenance or upgrades, on both sail and power boats. For a list of services, take a look at our sample contract.

Click here to view a sample Storage Contract/Service List


Do It Yourself

Maintenance and General Information
Keel Bolts
A brief summary of keel bolt maintenance.
A guide to fasteners, their hole sizes and drill bit needs.

How-To Guides
Filling Holes
A how-to guide on filling holes.
PVC Toerail
A how-to guide on installing a PVC toerail upgrade on your boat.
Motor Mount Installation
A guide for installing the new motor mounts on a J/22 or J/24.
J/22 Handrails
A how-to guide on installing the new stainless steel J/22 handrails.

How to Measure Standing Rigging

A guide on how to properly measure your standing / wire rigging.

Bulkhead Replacement

How to replace your bulkhead.

Basic Boat Setup
Basic J/24 Setup
A basic overview of keel and rudder fairing and the mast setup to make a J/24 go fast.

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Our Guarantee

Waterline Systems, and our parent company USWatercraft, stand behind the work we do. If at any point the work we have completed does not meet your expectations please contact us so we can help. Our team will work to resolve the problem as best and quickly as we can. Please contact our Customer Service Team with any questions or concerns you have.