J/22 mainsheet

There are two mainsheet systems popular in the J/22. Chris Doyle uses the stock set-up, with the sheet cleating on the fiddle block attached to the car. Terry Flynn usually uses the J/24 style set-up, where the mainsheet cleats on a swivel base attached to the center of the traveller.

Chris’ system consists of : 1- 57mm fiddle with becket and cleat AND a stand-up Spring — AND 1- 40 mm fiddle. In light air, untie the sheet from the becket and tie it around the bottom sheave of the 40 mm fiddle for 3:1

Terry’s system goes from the cleat, to the 57 mm ratchet on the base, to the Fiddle on the boom, to the 40 mm with becket on the car, back to the boom fiddle and dead-ends on the becket.

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