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Waterline Systems is the U.S. builder for the J/80, and your headquarters for parts and service. We think the J/80 is the perfect sportboat for all.

This boat is unquestionably fun to sail. Its sail-area-to-displacement ratio of 27, coupled with a displacement/length ratio of 122, means that it will get up and go! Although the J/80’s displacement is just under 3,000 pounds, about half of that is carried in the keel. The large asymmetric spinnaker, flown from the retractable pole, gets the boat downhill fast but also makes boathandling easy. What’s more, the J/80’s inherent stiffness and class hiking rule mean that your friends and family won’t spend every beat painfully hanging over the lifelines like laundry hung out to dry.

The cockpit of the J/80 is best described as gigantic, and its cabin, while not ready for world cruising, is very accessible and could even be used for weekend excursions with the addition of the optional cushions. A quick, unscientific poll of female sailors revealed that 100% would prefer changing clothes in a cabin instead of in a cockpit as is the norm in many other sportboats.

To top it all off, the J/80 Class is well-established and active. There are strong competitors sailing in well-attended regattas all across the country.

So if you want a fast, fun sportboat with great regattas, you can’t go wrong with the J/80.


Principal Dimensions

Description US Metric
LOA 26.3 ft 8.00 m
LWL 22.0 ft 6.71 m
Beam 8.3 ft 2.51 m
Draft 4.9 ft 1.49 m
Displacement 2,900 lb 1,315 kg
Ballast 1,400 lb 635 kg
100% SA 338 sqft 31.40 m^2
I 31.5 ft 9.60 m
ISP 33.0 ft 10.06 m
J 9.5 ft 2.90 m
P 30.0 ft 9.14 m
E 12.5 ft 3.81 m
J/Sprit 6.25 ft 1.91 m
DSPL/L 122 122
SA/DSPL 27 27
Engine Outboard Outboard

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