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Waterline Systems really owes its existence to the J/24. We made our reputation fairing, prepping, and racing this boat.

And we’re not alone in making a name through this popular one-design. When you look at the very pinnacle of the sport, it’s chock full of J/24 racers: Read, Hutchinson, Baird, Larson, and the list goes on.

The top of a big J/24 regatta is an unforgiving place. If you are waiting for the guy ahead of you to make a mistake. . .well, let’s just say it could be a long wait. To win a major event, you need perfect tactics, perfect crew work, awesome speed, great starts, AND a bit of luck. 

And the top of the big fleets isn’t even half of the J/24 story. With over 5,300 boats, there are great J/24 fleets everywhere. Active fleets are found from Seattle to Miami and from San Diego to Maine. They sail ‘em in Hawaii, and they sail ‘em in Denver. You see them in Europe, South America, the Caribbean, India, and Japan. In fact, wherever there is water you can probably find a J/24.

Because the J/24 Class is truly international, it offers unparalleled potential for honing your racing skills and expanding your horizons. If you want to find out just how good you are – or how good you can get – sail a J/24!

The current USWatercraft J/24s from Waterline Systems are the fastest ever made. These new boats are the weapon of choice for world champions and club racers alike. Sold factory direct, the J/24 is also an exceptional value!

Principal Dimensions

Description US (ft) Metric (m)
LOA 24.00 7.32
LWL 20.00 6.10
Beam 8.90 2.71
Draft 4.00 1.22
Displacement 3,100 1,406
Lead Keel 950 431
100% SA 261 24.25
I 26.25 8.00
J 9.50 2.90
P 28.00 8.53
E 9.75 2.97
DSPL/L 173 173
SA/DSPL 20 20
Engine Outboard 4 hp Outboard 4 hp

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The J/24 is sold factory direct by Waterline Systems.

For more information, contact:

Randy Borges

or your local J/Boats Dealer.