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The J/22 is built in the USA by Waterline Systems. Waterline is also your source for J/22 parts and service. The J/22 continues to be one of the most popular J/Boats, for good reason. Many knowledgeable sailors think that the J/22 is the best sailing boat that Rod Johnstone ever designed. In a long line of fantastic sailing boats, that’s saying something!

What are some of the characteristics that make this boat so popular? For one thing, crew combinations are extremely flexible, allowing a wide range of sailors to compete at a high level. You can race it with 3 big guys or 4 smaller people. This boat doesn’t require a lot of muscle power. What it rewards is brain power, skill, and technique. The ages of competitive J/22 teams range from teenagers to octogenarians. As the platform for many women’s and junior events, it is very popular across a wide demographic range.

J/22 sailing WaterlineAt the same time, the J/22 is extremely durable, and like all USWatercraft boats built by Waterline Systems, it is made for easy maintenance. The only wood on deck is the tiller, and the interior is 100% hose-able.

This combination of durability, ease of maintenance, and a wide range of crew makes the J/22 the first choice of sailing centers, yacht clubs, and university fleets. There are many active fleets around the country. Also, unlike some other one-design boats, J/22s can be easily trailered, and they get great regatta turnouts. On the water the racing is highly competitive, however, when onshore, this class is more laid-back than most. Everyone knows that they’re there to have fun. And have fun they do!

The current USWatercraft J/22s from Waterline Systems are the fastest ever made. These new boats are the weapon of choice for world champions and club racers alike. Sold factory direct, the J/22 is also an exceptional value! In addition to new boats, we are also your source for J/22 parts and service.

Principal Dimensions

Description US (ft) Metric (m)
LOA 22.50 6.86 m
LWL 19.00 5.79 m
Beam 8.00 2.44 m
Draft 3.80 1.16 m
Displacement 1,790 812 kg
Lead Keel 700 318 kg
Engine Outboard Outboard
100% SA 223 20.72 m^2
I 24.80 7.56 m
J 8.80 2.68 m
P 26.10 7.96 m
E 9.00 2.74 m
SA/Dspl 24 24
Dspl/L 117 117

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The J/22 is sold factory direct by Waterline Systems/USWatercraft. For more information, contact:

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