The J/105 is built in the U.S. by Waterline Systems. Waterline is also your source for parts and service. We’re big fans of the J/105 – for many owners, the J/105 is the perfect choice for racing with friends and family, in addition to weekend cruising and just tooling around!

The J/105 ushered in the “sprit boat” revolution. With almost 700 boats built, the J/105 is easily the largest “one-design big-boat” in existence. If you go to a NOOD regatta anywhere in the country, the odds are pretty good that the J/105 fleet will be one of the largest classes there.

How does a 35-foot boat attract such great numbers year after year? It’s pretty simple. The whole J/105 experience is designed to make sailing FUN for the owners, their friends, and their families.

In the J/105 class rules the owner drives and pros are limited to NONE. So nobody gets kicked off for a sailmaker at a big regatta. The sail inventory is also strictly controlled. Going racing on a J/105 doesn’t mean a new suit of sails for every event. Ease of sail handling is part of the package too. Jibs are roller-furling and the asymetrical kite is easy to fly.

J105s can be trailered.  And lots of people travel with their J/105s: If you aren’t paying pros, you can buy a lot of gas! And yes, you can race the J/105 offshore too. In fact, the first J/105 that Waterline Systems/USWatercraft built was the overall winner of the Chicago-Mackinac Race.

So if you’re looking to have a great time racing with friends and family, the J/105 may be the boat for you!

Principal Dimensions

Description US (ft) Metric (m)
LOA 34.5 ft 10.51 m
LWL 29.5 ft 8.99 m
Beam 11.0 ft 3.35 m
Draft 6.5 ft 1.98 m
Displacement 7,750 lb 3,515 kg
Lead Keel 3,400 lb 1,542 kg
Engine 18 hp 18 hp
100% SA 577 ft^2 53.6 m^2
I 40.6 ft 12.37 m
ISP 42.1 ft 12.83 m
J 13.5 ft 4.12 m
P 41.5 ft 12.65 m
E 14.6 ft 4.45 m
Dspl/L 135 135
SA/Dspl 24 24

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