Farr 30

The Farr 30 is built for speed!  This one-design offshore boat is economical, uncomplicated, and versatile with the option of either using an asymmetrical or a symmetrical spinnaker.  The Farr 30 has a large lead bulb and a steel cast fin, allowing the boat to right properly and have high stability.  You can keep the crew count down since the boat does not have running backstays, and its high stability means there can be fewer bodies on the rail.

The large rudder provides control and balance while helming; the cockpit is set up efficiently to maximize comfort and still be a functional racing boat.  The Farr 30 is designed to be handled easily by less experienced sailors, awhile pushing the speed to the limits for the more advanced sailors who want to have fun and be rewarded with a fast boat.


Principal Dimensions

Description US (ft) Metric (m)
LOA 30.94 ft 9.43 m
LWL 27.56 ft 8.40 m
Beam 10.10 ft 3.07 m
Draft 6.90 ft 2.10 m
Displacement 4,548 lb 2,063 kg
Ballast 2,095 lb 950 kg
ISP 45.18 ft 13.77 m
J 10.89 ft 3.32 m
P 40.55 ft 12.36 m
E 14.57 ft 4.44 m


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The Farr 30 is sold by Stagg Yachts.

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