m30-main-photoThe parent company for Waterline Systems, USWatercraft, is the licensed builder of  the J/22, J/24, J/80, and J/105, as well as Farr 30s and Farr 40s. We also have access to the build/parts information for every “legacy” J/Boats model.  During our many years of racing, fixing, and prepping boats, we’ve learned what makes these one-designs tick.

Boats prepped by Waterline Systems are known for their speed, thanks to the high standard of craftsmanship we bring to building and maintaining race boats. We know the boats we build and service will be put to the test on the racecourse, so we take pride in making sure that every boat performs to its potential.

When you buy a USWatercraft boat, you can rest assured that you are getting a great boat. What’s more, you also have the knowledge that you are buying into a great one-design class! The classes we build boats for are owner-run, worldwide, and known for their well-attended regattas.