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Production Boatbuilding

Building Innovative Sail and Powerboats for the Worldwide Market

Waterline Systems provides expert production boatbuilding. We currently build the complete line of Alerion Yachts, the Colgate 26, North Rip center consoles, and Still Water coach boats, in addition to several confidential projects. We excel in long-term confidential contracts as well as limited builds and prototypes.

For production builders, working with Waterline allows you to expand your capacity quickly and more cost effectively than expanding your physical space or trying to find and hire additional staff. We work with you to train our highly capable workforce in your build techniques, and we deliver to your exact specifications. You will have a dedicated project manager and our quality team inspects each part prior to shipping.

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Build Techniques

A boat from Waterline Systems delivers a lifetime of high performance. We build with composites (carbon fiber, Kevlar, and fiberglass) as well as marine grade aluminum and steel. We continually update our techniques, equipment, and training to ensure the highest quality product and greatest customer satisfaction. Read on for highlights of our build processes.

Resin-Infusion Molding

Waterline Systems employs the resin-infusion process in our high-end composite products. Not just the hulls, but the decks and many internal structures are created using this highly effective and efficient build method.

The original, trademarked infusion construction process is known as Seemann Composite Resin Infusion Molding Process (SCRIMP) and was introduced into boatbuilding in the 1990s by TPI. When we bought the assets of TPI, we kept on the skilled technicians who then trained the next generation of boatbuilders. Refinements in the products used (resins, core materials, etc.) and the procedures followed, and our process is now referred to simply as resin-infusion molding. In its essence, the process uses vacuum-bagging to pull and distribute liquid resin into a lay-up of laminate and core materials placed in a mold. The laminates are then cured under pressure. There are three distinct benefits to buying a boat built using the resin-infusion process.

Durability/Strength: Vacuum pressure compacts (or debulks) the layers of material that make up the hull, deck, or part and removes any trapped air, which eliminates voids in the final laminate. With voids removed, the hull is solid, strong, and durable.

Weight: Every part is built to an exact “recipe” detailing how much resin is infused. Additionally, all laminate and core materials are computer-cut to precise patterns so there’s no extraneous material and no guess work; we know exactly how much resin, laminate, and core material goes into each component. This ensures that our boats are built to their optimal designed weights.

Repeatability: A further benefit of precision building is the repeatability of the process. This is important for one-design racing sailboats as it ensures that each boat meets the predicted class weight. It also ensures that each powerboat delivers predictable vessel displacement, and, in turn, consistent performance and fuel consumption.

Hand Lay-Up

Smaller fiberglass hulls and parts are made using the tried-and-true hand lay-up process. The cloth and core materials are computer-cut for precision and then hand-fit into the molds. Resin is applied by skilled technicians using brushes or spray guns, and the final piece is vacuum bagged to cure under elevated temperature and consistent pressure.

Aluminum Construction

Commercial workboats, built under our US Watercraft brand, are constructed from aluminum. We produce aluminum vessels with the robust qualities and workmanship that can be classed and approved by an IACS Classification Society (USCG, ABS, Lloyds, DNV, etc.). In-house engineering combines with modern computer- and human-driven machinery and techniques to precision cut, accurately shape, and expertly weld the superstructure and hull using the highest grade materials.

Systems & Finishing

Carpentry/joinery, electrical, engine installation, and plumbing are consistent for every hull construction technique. These trades accomplish major milestones at just the right time, when access to hard-to-reach spaces is available. We employ specialists in each area to ensure quality, fit, and finish.

A Friendly Work Environment

We pride ourselves on a clean, safe, and environmentally friendly work environment. The resin-infusion process has almost zero VOC emissions, as the resin cures inside the vacuum bag, which traps the fumes. This fact is much appreciated by our workers and the environment in general.

Waterline Infusion Molding

Deck mold