Big Wins for Waterline Systems Customers

HanumanAll in all, 2013 was a pretty normal year for Waterline Systems.  Our customers won their usual quota of World Championships, highlighted by the J/24 and J/22 worlds.  J/Boat fleets are getting used to Waterline Systems customers winning everything, the mega-yacht J Class probably thought they were safe…. until Hanuman arrived with a shiny new WLS bottom and carted away all their silver.

There have been a few changes this year <understatement>, a big one is our new relationship with Brewer’s Cove Haven Yard.  We are doing the bulk of our big boat work there, making it easier for our big boat customers.  For example, we worked on Caribbean 600 winner “Privateer”, and 12 Meter North American Champion “KZ3”; they get to win the really fancy trophies.

It is pretty easy to brag about the big guns winning, but we get as much satisfaction in seeing the young punks climb the ranks – nice job Trav and Mike – and seeing many of our customers climb from the middle of the pack, closer and closer to the top.

Yep, just a pretty normal, ho hum, multiple World, North American and most everything else winning season.

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